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All Year Biker Treatment
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  • All Year Biker Treatment
  • All Year Biker Treatment
  • All Year Biker Treatment
  • All Year Biker Treatment
  • All Year Biker Treatment
  • All Year Biker Treatment
  • All Year Biker Treatment
  • All Year Biker Treatment

Did you know:

Winter road salt is a killer for bikes, but here's a few things you might not be aware of:

  • During the rest of the year environmental fall-out, sea spray and even animal waste can cause corrosion.
  • In certan conditions animal waste on roads can be up to 3 times more corrosive than road salt.
  • Washing alone will not prevent corrosion, in fact trapping clean water can often start the process.
  • Corrosion rarely starts where you can see it, but once established can spread alarmingly fast.

Halo Smart is a unique treatment system developed
and supplied by All Year Biker.

Designed to get your bike looking stunning and help protect it from the damaging effects of corrosion that can affect not only how it looks and runs but which could lose you hundreds if not thousands of pounds on it;s resale value if left untreated.

The Process


Multi-stage cleaning removes road dirt, contaminants and any old wax or polymer coatings to allow the ACF-50 to bond properly.


ACF-50 is pressure misted to ensure deep penetration to all areas of the bike, including electrics and electronics.


The bike is hand wiped to ensure coverage and remove any excess ACF-50 before a high gloss wax is applied to the paintwork and fairings.

Your bike will not only look shiny and new but will also have a long lasting coat of anti-corrosion applied to all the nooks and crannies.

We are the East London operators for All Year Biker - Call us now to book your bike in.

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