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Bike Dryers Testimonials and Feedback

Just would like to say a personal thank you for your efforts in helping to get the Master Blaster Dryer delivered the next day even though I've missed the last collection from your courier. You have gone far and beyond many companies would, I was very pleasantly surprised and pleased to say that the product arrived all in good order, excellently packaged and within the morning!

Thank you very much indeed! As I said before will be buying more from you from now on, as it's very rare to find a trusted, honest and excellent customer service company to do businesses with.

Thank you!

Tara Janson

Thanks for the great service. The Side Kick Dryer has arrived.

Paul Lund

Thanks for the customer support.

Blaster & Skid order arrived when it should. Tried it out today as I had a new sealant product to try out.

Both do exactly what they intend to do. Effortless drying using the Blaster Heat. Don't know why I didn't get one of these sooner.

Josh Briscoe

I made it to Tuscany this morning and checked out the Master Blaster dryer, what a great bit of kit!

I might be interested in buying one for when I'm in the UK it won't be for that size, something smaller & portable. (That would be our Sidekick - Ed)

Luke Simmonds

If you love your bike and want to keep it pristine this is the place, everything possible to keep your bike perfect. Very helpful knowledgeable guy who owns it.

If you only buy one thing make sure it is a METRO DRIER, you will be amazed how much trapped water this removes. This will be our port of call for all my valeting needs. Fantastic service .

Pete - Lincolnshire Motorcycles

My Dryer arrived yesterday and I had a play with it this morning. Bloody expensive but it's a top bit of kit and it's a fraction of the price of the motorbike its going to help protect.

Dax Hewitt

I just wanted to give you some feedback on the Blaster Heat - it’s brilliant! I really don’t know how I’ve lived without one. Now my bikes are clean and dry when they are put back in the garage - not just the motorbikes, it’s been great for the pushbikes as well, especially as they get filthy and salty in this cold weather.

Thanks again for your advice and terrific customer service.

Patrick McLoughlin

Morning - I have just sent payment for the 3ft hose. Please add to the Side Kick order, and thanks for your excellent help and service.

Paul Cooper

Thanks for holding the order and arranging delivery of the dryer for yesterday. All arrived safely and very powerful!

Trevor Daughtrey

Thanks for your advice at the MCN Festival of motorcycling yesterday. The products I bought are perfect for the job.

The bike was filthy after the day's ride and now looks new again.

The small sponge brushes are great for getting into the cylinder head fins.

Thanks, will recommend you to friends.

Andy Snell

The Winners Premium microfibre cloths are without doubt the best we have ever used Ė highly recommended if you want to look after the finish.

Alex Graham-Cameron Cambridge

Winners Wax Carnauba, what can I say, it is so easy to use. It can be used on all parts of a bike - paint, plastic, chrome, engine etc. It leaves a perfect finish on all parts, no white residue. Great value for money. Definitely the best I have used.

Dave Lewis

The Master Blaster arrived the next day and is a brilliant bit of kit!!!

Clive Woods

Just a quick note to say I am very happy with my Sidekick Dryer and pleased you recommended that I also buy the flexible hose.

Not only does it blow out water but it was great in the engine bay at blowing out the muck that accumulates in places you canít reach.

David Harriss

10 out of 10! I can't fault the service. Perfectly packed. Just what I wanted.

Richard Murphy (KTM 950)

I am really pleased with my Side Kick and it has made a huge difference to cleaning and polishing Cleaning and drying my bike has never been easier. My Triumph Thunderbird has a serious amount of chrome and drying has always been real chore. It has lots of books and crannies and get to them has always been a challenge but my Side Kick made all that a thing of the past.

Franks Triumph

Franks Triumph

Getting to those concealed and difficult places was simple and the dry smear free finish has reduced the work load and time in getting a spotless bike.

Frank Bamford

As you may recall, I bought a Blaster from you in August, I think, last year.

It has carried out good service and dries the bikes superbly.  What a fantastic piece of kit.

Aprilia RS250

Now that Winter is upon us, and the roads are mucky, I do not ride. However, I do run them every three weeks and get them up to temperature.  

As the Aprilia RS250 does not have a fan and relies on air rushing through the radiator when riding to cool the engine, guess what I have found as a replacement? Yes, the Blaster.  

Please see photographs taken the other day my other half "cooling down" the 250.

Aprilia RS250

Madness I know but it does the job, without fear of a seizure!


I have just used for the first time my blower (blaster 4HP). Purchased from you to which l have to say have found it above my expectations. It was first intended for my collection of classic m/cycles and possibly my every day car.

The first test was the car namely a 4x4 Vauxhall Antara (not small) l estimate it took around 30mins for complete dryness

This with the sale and prompt delivery and friendly customer service received from the company i have found to be exceptional in this day and age.

John Gilbert

Collected the Metro Carry All Bag from my neighbour and very happy with the product. Many thanks and will be shopping with you again.

David Burnett

Just a quick email to let you know I am delighted with the products that I purchased from you recently.

I am a self confessed detailing anorak but have to admit I was somewhat sceptical about the Blaster - I shouldn't have been, it's amazing! I'm staggered by the amount of water it blasts out from window frames, behind badges, around lights and mirrors and just about any nook and cranny -Moisture that would otherwise be damaging my car or bike.

Not only does it save time drying but it also does a fantastic job on the interior of my car - instead of endless time with detailing brushes I now just open all the doors and blast out all the dust and dirt from my dash and vents, around the steering column, seats and all the hard to reach areas, leaving it spotless without using any artificial looking dressings.

The waffle drying cloth I bought from you replaced one made by a very well known premium car care brand and it is quite simply the best of its kind I have used, where I would previously need three passes over a panel your cloth takes one.

I'm impressed and would not hesitate to recommend your products and great service to any car or motorcycle enthusiast.

Thanks and regards.


That's the BEST packaged item ever, Thanx!

( David Fraser from Hawick bought a quart bottle of ACF-50).

David Fraser

I bought an Air Force Blaster and a Winners Premium Diamond Weave drying cloth at Christmas, it is the best and quickest method I have ever used to dry the bike after washing, perfect performance, supplied by a professional, efficient and polite company. 5 star service, 5 star performance.

Colin Turnbull

I have used an Air Force Blaster Dryer for over 8 years, first in Saudi, great for also removing dust and sand, and now in the UK.

It's used on several bikes but mainly a Harley Tourer. You REALLY will wonder how you ever did without one of these! The air actually seems to 'polish' the paint and chrome as it goes. I find it's best to wash the bike out of the sunshine and keep it wet all over before using the blower.

With respect to protecting your bikes condition and value, this is definately the best investment you can make. It may seem a little expensive, but believe me, my Blaster version is ABSOLUTELY worth every penny.

.PS I have no connection with either Air Force or Bike Dryers UK

John Adams

Hi there,

I just recived my Sidekick Dryer and just wanted to say thanks for a great service.

Thank you

Matthew Woolnough

Items arrived safely today. Should have ordered them years ago, tidies the garage and makes life easier!

Thank you.

Mr Montgomery

I've been using one of these for a few years now, one of the best pieces of non-riding kit I've ever bought. Takes all the hard work out of drying, does it in a fraction of the time hand drying takes and reaches where the old fingers can't!

Willie M.

Just to let you know, the 'Blaster' arrived safely yesterday.

The packaging was excellent and the dryer is perfect. In fact, when I switched it on, I nearly blew myself across the room.

Thank you for your excellent service and hope to do business again in the future.

Tim Nadin

The handheld super-blower actually does blast away every bead of water from your bike.

It dealt with my wet Monster 1100 Evo very quickly indeed. This gets you polishing stage of a thorough bike clean much quicker than usual.

Just as importantly, it stops any corrosion - accelerating moisture from sitting in nooks and crannies like bolt heads.It's also fairly light and easy to heft, comes with a one-year warranty and when directed at your face can amuse your kids no end with your 'wind tunnel mouth'.

MCN Review

Today my Air Force Blaster arrived. First impressions were, blimey how well packaged it is and what a change for a company to post something and clearly not want it to arrive damaged. It was superbly boxed up and clearly marked for the postal service not to damage. Superb!!

Next impression was, 'how am I going to get into this box!!' Only joking. The next thing was how small the main unit is.

Next, sad, but I washed my car with it's stupidly fussy wheels and then my motorbike that I commute on in all weathers. Basically even if it didn't need washing, it got it today. Well my first impression of the Blaster is, superb. I truly cannot believe how much water it shifts and so effortlessly. I am a bit OCD when I clean a bike, if I am going to clean it then I intend to do it properly. So I practically drowned the bike, all around the headstock, rear shock etc. Then like a small boy with a new toy I set about the bike with the Blaster. Sadly I really enjoyed dispensing the water. All those hard to reach areas that you have to desperately try and dry out, is effortless with this magical black box, you just move around the bike watching water fly away. It saved me so much time that I cannot believe I did not discover one years ago.

Finally a tiny bit of polish on those stubborn marks that day to day riding does to your bike and then back into the garage. I cleaned my bike from headlight to taillight in one third of the time it normally takes, seriously!!!!

If you are sat on the fence about buying one of these, then just get on with it, you will not regret it!!!

Oh and the car wheels, they look good too, as does the stupid overly fussy grill!!


Andy H