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Winners Premium Drying Towel 1000GSM
Winners Premium Drying Towel 1000GSM Winners Premium Drying Towel 1000GSM

Winners Premium Drying Towel 1000GSM

WD1000 Towel x 1
£8.32+ vat
£9.98 inc vat
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WD1000-3 Towel x 3
£20.79+ vat
£24.95 inc vat
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The ultimate in high quality premium drying towels.

The thick 1000 gsm makes removing water very easy due to its thick pile. This towel is ultra soft. A premium quality towel with sotf hemming that will not scratch or damage painted and clear coated surfaces on your bike.

Amazing wicking properties designed to retain water.

The thick plush texture is also ideal for removing any coating applied to the surface with ease. The 60 x 60cm towel is excellent for drying, buffing or polishing.

This high polyamide content towel ensures almost no surface damage as the splitting process produces a very soft material ideal for use on sensitive surfaces. The high 30% polyamide content improves the cleaning effect over lower priced 20% polyamide towels.

Wash these towels at a low temperature of 30/40 deg C. If washed at higher temperatures up to 95 Deg C, expect up to 5% shrinkage in the initial few washes at very high temperatures.

Can be laundered over 500 times. Tumble dry as it 'opens' up the fibres.

DO NOT use fabric softener, this will reduce the towels effectiveness. 

Size: 60 x 60cm
Weight: 1000gsm
Blend: 70% polyester and 30% polyamide.
Denier: 0.13 Ultra fine Microfibre.
Hem: Soft Hem

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