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LocBondso DIY Headlight Restoration kit

LocBondso DIY Headlight Restoration kit

£10.79+ vat
£12.95 inc vat
Out of Stock

LocBondso DIY Headlight Restoration Kit is designed to eliminate the worst cases of headlight degradation, yellowing, oxidation, and scratched to your headlights.

The kit includes a backer pad with an adapter that allows for machine buffing in order to restore the cloudiest lenses.

Get great results on most plastic lenses such as tail lights, trailers, boat windows, helmet virsors, motorcycle windscreens, snow mobiles and more.


  • 2 x Sanind Disc 800
  • 2 x Sandin Disc P1200
  • 2 x Sandin Disc P2000
  • 2 x 40gm Polish Paste
  • 2 x 3.0ml UV Protection Liquid
  • 1 x Masking Tape
  • 1 x Sponge Disc Orange
  • 1 x Sponge Disc White
  • 1 x Backer Pad M10 thread
  • 1 x Adapter
  • 1 x Instruction manual

Made in the USA.



Clean the headlight lens with water, Mask off the area surrounding the lens to avoid scratches on nearby painted surfaces.

1) Sanding:

Wet the sanding disc and attach the backer pad. Sand with 3 different grits to completely remove the heavy yellowing, fading and corrosion. Note: Use the sanding discs from coarse to fine: P800 -> P1200 -> R2000. Not doing so will result in restoration failure.

2) Polishing:

Attach the orange sponge disc to the backer pad and apply the polish paste. Polish the lens until shine is restored to original condition. Note: for best results use an electric buffer or polisher. If polishing by hand, polish with no less that 200 circular strokes clockwise.


Clean the headlight lens and make sure the lens is dry before continuing this step. Make sure the headlight is not under direct sunlight (VERY IMPORTANT). Using the white sponge disc provided, evenly apply a layer of the protective liquid on the surface of the lens. Then, allow the liquid to cure in direct sunlight for 1 to 2 hours.

After step 3, keep the lens dry and do not allow it to be exposed to moisture. Do not wash the car for 24 hours.

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5 Stars!


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