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Rock Oil
Rock Oil 2 Stroke Semi-Synthetic City2 1L

Rock Oil 2 Stroke Semi-Synthetic City2 1L

£8.27+ vat
£9.92 inc vat
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City 2 is a low ash, Semi-Synthetic 2 stroke lubricant for use in scooter injection systems or as a pre-mix at manufacturer's recommended ratios.


  • Low ash formula provides a high resistance to harmful pre-ignition - a severe problem in larger or more powerful scooter engines. 
  • Ultimate protection for today's high performance 2 stroke throughout a very wide temperature range. 
  • Improves throttle response and provides more accurate metering. 
  • Extreme thermal stability ensures maximum performance under even the most severe conditions. 
  • Semi Synthetic formulation helps to provide maximum shear strength for complete protection of crankshafts and pistons. 
  • Improved engine cleanliness and reduced smoke. 


  • City 2s is most suited for use in an injector system, but has successfully been used as a premix oil. 
  • Must not be used with castor based oils. 
  • City 2s will mix with Leaded or Unleaded Petrol, Avgas and Octane Boosters, but not Methanol. 

City 2 meets or exceeds all manufacturers' specifications for 2 stroke oils including:

  • JASO FC, FD 
  • ISO-L-EGD 

Typical Physical Characteristics:

  • Density @ 15C: 0.867 
  • Viscosity @ 40C: 61.0 cSt 
  • Appearance :Clear Red liquid
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