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Winners Premium Polish pad

Winners Premium Polish Pad

£2.00 + vat
£2.40 inc vat
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Also available:

Polish Pads
Pack of 3

£5.40 + vat
£6.48 inc vat

Polish Pads
Pack of 5

£8.00 + vat
£9.60 inc vat

  • Winners Premium Polish Pads

Premium Microfibre outer with hand insert, foam inner & non scratch hem. Minimal product waste when using this quality Microfibre outer.

Use when applying waxes, compounds and sealants.

  • 70% Polyester, 30% Polyamide
  • Ultrafine Microfibre
  • 0.13 Denier
  • 300gsm
  • 14cm Diameter
  • Blue

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Testimonials and Reviews

David Burnett

Collected the Metro Carry All Bag from my neighbour and very happy with the product. Many thanks and...

MCN Review

The handheld super-blower actually does blast away every bead of water from your bike.

It dealt with my wet Monster 1100 Evo very quickly indeed. This gets you polishing stage of a thorough bike...

Alex Graham-Cameron Cambridge

The Winners Premium microfibre cloths are without doubt the best we have ever used highly recommended...


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