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Winners Wicked Wheels

Winners Degreaser - Old School

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  • Winners Degreaser

Winners Degreaser - Old School

Winners Old School is a hard hitting degreaser – just like degreasers used to be! Eats through, dissolves & lifts grease & oil deposits like no other off the shelf degreaser. Perfect for all automotive, motorcycle, cycle & machinery degreasing.

  • Easy to use – fast acting. 
  • High tech emulsifying agents. 
  • Safe on all metal, paint & powder coat finishes.


I’ve tried a lot of different degreasers & none of them have worked anywhere near as well as the Winners Old School Degreaser, I could not find anything off of the shelf to remove hardened Castrol R off of the paint on my 1931 Velocette MK1 KSS 350cc. To the uninitiated the KSS has open valve springs & as you can imagine at 60mph not only is the motorcycle covered in oil but I am as well! The previous owner had not cleaned the Oil off after each ride but let three years of baked on gung build up! Highly recommended! Harry Bacon. Gainsborough, Lincolnshire

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